We are a typical animal loving family. We have dogs, cats, horses, and any other little creature that may cross our paths. I have worked in a couple veterinary clinics, and I now have a dog grooming business. So, being around dogs is an everyday thing for me. If anyone would have told me a few years ago that I would be designing a new dog bowl for long-eared dogs, I would have been quite skeptical. But, here we are with a successful product and a great story to tell.

It all started one day when I visited my sister who got a new puppy, a Springer Spaniel. Well, long ears created a few challenges right away. When he drank his water, his ears would get all wet, and he would come running flopping those wet ears all over the place…on the floor, on our laps, and in our faces! My sister said that was the only thing she wanted to change…keeping those ears, and her, dry.Well, we knew he was never going to outgrow those ears. They were only going to get bigger and longer.

I started thinking about how he could drink without getting his ears wet. I went home and started brainstorming a way to keep his ears dry. I went to my neighbors house and talked with them about the idea. As I was sitting at their kitchen table, I noticed a plastic bowl sitting there, and I turned it upside down. I asked for a knife and asked if I could cut up the bowl (which I’m sure was a strange request), but they agreed. I put the bowl upside down and then cut the bottom out. A few other common kitchen staples and a few cuts here and there, and I had our first prototype of a bowl just for long-eared dogs!

I took the prototype to my sister’s house and placed it on the floor with water in it. Sure enough, the puppy was curious enough, and stuck his nose in it to drink. With his head in the bowl, his ears laid comfortably right along side the bowl instead of going into the bowl. I was beaming from ear to ear (no pun intended).

I went home, discussed my design and my first customer with my spouse and went to bed wondering if this could actually become a real product. I knew it could help long-eared dogs and their families, but was I the one to make this bowl happen? As I contemplated such a thought, I realized that something was nudging me to pursue this idea further. I prayed about it, and God led me every step of the way in pursuing it. He answered prayer in ways I never thought possible. So here it is, my labor of love, a bowl specifically for long-eared dogs, proudly made in the USA. We are so grateful to all of our customers across the country who have purchased our bowl and shared their stories with us.